Ahmedfani, an Ipoh-born animator who graduated from Multimedia University
majoring in Film and Animation started his cartoon journey in 2009. Back then, he focused more on gag and single panel cartoons through his blog called 'fanikatun'.

One of his many cartoons entitled 'Gender Equality' has been published in a German publication Familienarbeit heute (Family Work Today) in 2012, and in a Mexican publication entitled 'Move Up' written by Clotaire Rapaille and Andres Roemer in 2013.

In 2014, he created a comic series entitled Abu Nuwas which was published by an NGO called Projek Iqra'. This project had a profound impact on many of its readers. Besides this successful project, Ahmedfani has been involved in numerous cartoons, illustrations and comic projects with various publications and esteemed clients.

Ahmedfani has always been creative in indulging his artistic aspirations, and always with a purpose. This can be largely seen through his work in many publications and works as advertised by clients, delivering instant messages that speaks volume in its simplicity.

Until today, he is still working strong on his gag cartoon journey through various platforms especially social media, as well as his website ahmedfani.com. He is also a Creative Lead at Fanikatun Studios, an animated explainer video company.
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